Doggylicious Pet Grooming

Doggylicious Procedures during Covid-19


My approach is that we are all asymptomatic carriers, therefore all actions are to reduce any risk of cross contamination. If you have any symptoms (a new continues cough, raised temperature, loss of taste or smell, achy body etc) you are advised to cancel your appointment, Stay at Home for 7 days, or for 14 days if someone in your household has symptoms. For everyone’s best interests please follow the government advice! 

I will continue to operate on a 1-2-1 basis as previously, unless of course dogs are from the same household.

On arrival, please ring the door bell by the side gate, which is on the left of the house.  

Once through the gate, please attach your dog/s to the doggy parking hook on the wall and stand back a little. I will use my own disinfected lead to take it/them in, you can then take your collar and lead home and bring back later for collection.

All dogs will all be bathed straight away.

Grooming will take place as normal and I will be wearing a face mask and waterproof apron for the duration of the groom, which will be disinfected after the end of each appointment.

Regular hand washing  is top of my priorities and inevitable in my line of work!

At the end of each appointment the room, as well as all equipment, will be thoroughly disinfected. I will also be spraying your dog with Leucillin, a pet safe, non-toxic, non-irritant, antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal solution just before I hand it back to you. I also have pet safe antibacterial wipes for use when necessary.

Can you please make payment within 48hrs from you booked appointment by bank transfer. If you have no access to online banking, please put the exact amount in an envelope or I will provide you with a clear ziplock type bag to pay in cash.

May I also ask that you are on time dropping off and picking up, unless I have advised you otherwise, to allow me the time to disinfect between appointments and to minimise contact with other customers. Appointment times may vary depending on how long each groom takes me at this time, so please keep your phone closeby as I will be texting you if I am ready earlier or later than our pre-arranged time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let me know. Your patience at this time is very much appreciated while we all try to adjust to this new way of living and working. If we all do our best to keep following the advice, we can remain safe and healthy.

Thank you all so much for your patience and for sticking with me!

Anna x

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