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 Price List 

As some dogs, even within the same breed, can be very different in size and/or coat type, the price will depend on an individual basis and on the style (some styles require more time & skill). 

Price also depends on the coat condition. The prices below are based on dogs who are regularly groomed (i.e. every 4-6 weeks), for an average of an hour and half session.  Therefore there will be an increase of £3 per half hour after that.

"Full Groom" includes brush/ minor de-matt, bath, blow dry, style, ears cleaned/plucked, nail clipping.

For just a cut, the dog will have to be bathed the day before or the same day to enable me to achieve the best finish.

Please note that 24hour cancellation notice is required. In the event of not being advised of a cancellation until the same day, 50% of the full fee will be charged.

* Note: Unfortunately I am currently at full capacity and I am unable to take new customers.



Full Groom

Just cut

Just bath 

XS i.e.Yorkie, Chihuahua

From £35

From £27

From £20

SM i.e. Cavalier

Westie/ Min Schnauzer

Shih Tzu/ Lhasa (dep. on style)





From £24

Small Spitz /Peke/Pomeranian

Toy Poodle

From £40

From £30

From £25

MED i.e. Tibetan Terrier / Cockapoo

Cocker Spaniel

Min Poodle, Bichon

From £42

From £32

n/a for curly coated

From £30

Small short hair breeds

From £25



Medium short hair breeds

From £28




Bath is not included in the prices below for handstripping. After handstripping a coat, the pores are open for a few days, it is therefore unsafe to bath a dog immediately after.  It is recommended that a dog may bathed about a week after it has been handstripped to avoid an adverse reaction to shampoo.

Border Terr, Jack Russell, Min Duchs

From £45



Fox Terr. Min Schnauzer

    From £55





£8 for additional dog in the same house


Tidy feet, face and nails


£23 Med.



Click on the pictures to enlarge.

 Click on the pictures to enlarge.

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